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Yon Rezo Pou Atis Ayisyen Lakay e Lòt Bò

Our work exists in conjunction with and in support of our peers, colleagues, and fellow artist-organizers both in NYC and abroad. We dedicate this space to feature contact information and highlights for this exact group of people. This comes from a longer term project, whose scope is much larger than our current organizational capacity, but we know that it is critical for us to start here, now. While a page of headshots, short bios, and contact information may feel small scale, we agree that any access to essential resources and any representation of our brilliant network is invaluable. #SupportBlackBusiness #SupportBlackArtists. 

Travay nou egziste nan konjonksyon avèk kamarad klas nou yo, kòlèg nou, ak atis-òganizatè parèy nou nan vil Nouyòk e nan lòt peyi. Nou dedye paj sa pou prezante enfòmasyon sou pwòp moun sa yo. Sa fè pati yon pwojè long tèm KDC ki pi gwo pase kapasite òganizasyonèl nou nan moman an, men nou konnen ke li enpòtan pou nou kòmanse la, kounye a. Objektif final la se pou nou fè pati pa nou nan kreye opòtinite pou plis vizibilite ak kolaborasyon kòm atis ak planifikatè pwogram. Nan eksperyans nou, pandan 5 an egzistans KDC, nou jwenn ke kominote patikilye atis nou yo souvan travay nan silo. Men, vwa kolektif nou an pi pwisan!

the network.: Meet the Team
Alain David Lescouflair.jpg


Based in Haiti

I am a freelance photographer and web application developer based in Haiti.



Based in USA

I am a visionary and a violinist who dares to believe that the world I desire to live in is possible. Through my music, scholarship and practice therefore, I work to cultivate said world - one day at a time. I am also Assistant Clinical Professor of Urban Planning and Public Service as well as Director of the graduate urban planning program at New York University - Wagner. I founded my urban planning and public policy firm, Pinchina, in the wake of the 2010 Haiti earthquake. When I'm not in New York City, you'll likely find me in the Caribbean region.

Raphaelle Francois.jpeg


Based in the Dominican Republic

Born in Haiti, Raphaëlle François started dancing at 9 years old at a highly distinguished dance school in Haiti "Artcho Danse." She was trained in several dance styles, such as Modern, Jazz, Contemporary, Classical, and Ballroom dance; however, inspired by the Haitian Folklore, she decided to specialize in Afro-Contemporary dance in which she excelled. At the age of 12, she became a member of the "Artcho Danse" school company and launched a professional career that projected her around the world.

She performed and gave numbers of workshops at the prestigious institutions such as Tokyo National Ballet, Quartier in Paris, Carnegie Hall in New York, the Ballet Hispanico in New York, the Ballet Roto in Dominican Republic, in Cyprus, Jamaica, etc., where she promoted the Haitian culture.

She also created some pieces, such as "ti mari" (Haiti), "Marasa" and "Y continuamos" (Dominicain Republic, dance festival Edanco).

She is currently working on a series of workshops called "Vin danse ak Raphaëlle" around the world where she teaches basic Haitian Folklore techniques.

Robenson Network.jpg


Based in Brooklyn, NY

Robenson Mathurin is a dance artist performing, choreographing, and teaching Haitian Folklore, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, and Afro-based dance styles. He has toured in the USA, Trinidad, and Taiwan with Compagnie de Danse Jean René Delsoin, based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and has worked with US-based companies including but not limited to Jean Appolon Expressions and Kriyol Dance! Collective. Mathurin has also choreographed for top Haitian artists including Rutshelle Guillaume, Darline Desca, and Roody Roodboy. Now based in Brooklyn, NY, he continues to expand his portfolio and training through programs and residencies including the Mark Morris Teaching Artist Training Program and professional dance studies at The Taylor School.

In 2017, he created the platform "Robenson Dance & Fitness" to support better health and dance training in Haiti and abroad. His goal is to spread joy by building awareness of Afro-diaspora dance and exchanging with fellow dance artists in this industry. He continues to expand his choreographic portfolio and training through international teaching opportunities and residencies. 

Steeven Labady.jpeg


Based in the Dominican Republic

Dansè Ayisyen, Steeven Labady Marcel, dansè avèk fòmasyon nan plizyè stil dans ak teknik tankou: Fòlklò Ayisyen, Ballroom, Horton, dansmodèn. Aktyèlman li nan dènye ane etid nan Dans klasik ak Kontanporen nan Konsèvatwa Nasyonal Boza, Lekòl Nasyonal de Dans nan Repiblik Dominikèn. Steeven se aktè, entèpretè ak teyat mizikal entèpretè, profesè dans, jerograf ak oryantatè atistik.

Haitian dancer Steeven Labady has trained in several techniques such as: Haitian Folklore, Ballroom, Horton, and Modern Dance. Currently, he is completing his last year of studies in Classical Dance and Contemporary at the Conservatorio Nacional de Bellas Artes, Escuela Nacional de Danza in the Dominican Republic. Steeven is an actor, performer, musical theater performer, dance teacher, geographer, and artistic curator. 

Veroushka Eugene.jpg


Based in Canada

Dancer/Choreographer/Dance Teacher

Born and raised in Haiti, Véroushka started dancing when she 3 years old, at Artimoun. Since then, she never stopped showing and living her passion for dance. In 2008, she moved to Canada where she studied Communications Science and developped her professional dance career and participated in Quebec's TV show Danser Pour Gagner (Franchise of American Best Dance Crew) in which she got to the Top 5 with her team Womanity. She specializes in Dancehall, Haitian folklore, Afro-contemporary and Rabòday. She's a passionate dancer, teacher and choreographer who never stops learning.

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