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In Brooklyn, and particularly for the Haitian community thriving here, we pride ourselves on creating spaces for community togetherness and healing, using the tools our ancestors imprinted upon us. Memory, tradition, and innovation become the very tools that help define and generate a spirit of embodied resistance - defined by our founder as using our bodies to exclaim that our health is the primary representation of what we absorb, what we put out, and what we are surrounded by. This is the tenet that grounded the original Kriyol Dance! Collective, founded in 2016, and that now facilitates our expansion to Kriyol Collective LLC.

about us.: Mission


Kriyol Collective LLC is a Brooklyn-based action group working at the intersection of arts practices rooted in oral history and movement, public health, and community organizing. The group offers consulting services in strategic planning, programmatic support, and creative ideation to artists, art organizations, grassroots groups, nonprofits, and other community stakeholders, while also creating original performance works focused on the preservation of Black diasporic culture and Haitian culture through its antecedent Kriyol Dance!

about us.: Mission
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We envision our role in the future of public health and socially engaged arts as that which helps to cultivate community consciousness for collective healing and improved community health.

By creating culturally-informed work and addressing detrimental changes in physical, social, and political contexts of our communities, we hope to influence the next generation of activists, visionaries, and advocates. By privileging stories and lived experiences, we hope to build the collective self.

about us.: Mission


collective action. integrity. collaboration. community engagement. co-learning. innovation.

We believe that everyone should find purpose in creating art. Art's capacity to heal, empower, inspire, and incite change should be remnant in any space where art is being used, created, or disseminated. We strive to cultivate opportunities and moments in which that capacity can be realized.

about us.: Mission
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