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We provide community classes and workshops that facilitate creative collective movement and healing.


Dance in Consciousness with Shelli & Véronëque

Gouyad Kreyol invites participants to explore the versatility of Haitian dance and the Haitian community both at home and in the diaspora. Traditional dance motifs and street styles create the foundation of this course, connected by a critical focus on core and waistline movements.

Gouyad Kreyol is broken into three parts: 

  1. Building core and back strength through Haitian traditional dance warm-up

  2. Developing flexibility and waistline fluidity through a deep active stretch 

  3. Executing top choreography to new music from Haitian artists at home and in the diaspora. 


Making Music, Keeping Tradition

Taught by master drummer Jean Frenel "Seeyou" Misere, these courses are built to teach students the basics of Haitian drumming and Haitian musical composition. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. Private lessons are also available!


Created with Black Wom(b)man in Mind

Synergy aims to provide participants with the opportunity to self-care in the presence of community. In this workshop we explore the art of the body and our embodied knowledge by using spiritual dance movement, traditional Haitian drumming, controlled breathing, concentration, and whole body movement. As we embrace our full selves through our emotions and movements, we will encourage consistent practice and growth in a workout that centers holistic health and thoroughly acknowledges that there is healing in movement.

The course is broken down into two parts:

a) Developing core strength through Haitian dance movement and

b) meditation through synergistic stretching. The goal is that the participant leaves feeling open in body, mind, and soul!


Lavi Miyò

This workshop focuses on providing attendees with the opportunity to explore their own stories through movement, with the ultimate goal of communal meditation and healing. Class sizes are kept small in order to ensure each participant gets enough attention from the instructor. Bring this workshop to your community center, school, or dance training program!

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