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Community Partner, CEO of Makini Sacred Arts

Makini grew up in the diverse neighborhoods of Flatbush, Brooklyn, where she had the good fortune to meet people from different backgrounds and walks of life. She has been involved in this community for years as a personal care assistant, a community organizer, a caregiver to children, and well-know merchant of arts from Africa and the diaspora.

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Fieldworker, KDC Haiti

Dominique, currently serving as a research collaborator on the KDC Haiti project, was born and raised in Port-au-Prince. He is a student in French Communication/Journalism and is a singer of Rap, a medium he uses to develop a social character built on his desire “ decolonize both his own mind and that of his nation.” It's his objective to become the voice of his oppressed people through dissemination of the arts. Dominique also works actively as a disc-jockey in his hometown, Port-au-Prince.



Community Partner, Founder of GEC

Sampson is the founder of Girls Empowerment Circle (GEC), Inc. – a non- profit organization aimed to equip young women of color with the skills needed to become successful at finding their own identity, as they explore who they are as children of African descent. Her experience closely interacting with and educating youth of color in GEC, informs her passion for being an all-around educator. She currently works as a 9th grade English teacher at High School for Service and Learning, housed in the old Erasmus Hall Campus. 



Promoter, CEO of S'nel Cosmetics

Sgvianel is a Brooklyn-born, Haitian-American lover of the arts, who specializes in poetry writing. She began working a promotor of KDC in 2016, motivated by her passion to cultivate Haitian community in her hometown. She brings her critical eye and social personality to the work in efforts to expand the KDC network. She is also the creator of S'nel Cosmetics, a body product line and a platform to uplift self-identified black women, particularly those who have faced and survived domestic violence and sexual assault.

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