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Nuit des Racines Photos by Stanely Delva

A collaboration with Rasin Okan


Kriyol Dance! Collective presents "Nuit des Racine/Roots Night!" annually to celebrate the legacy of Haitian culture in Brooklyn, NY. This ticketed event features the sounds of Haitian music group Rasin Okan and Kriyol Dance! Collective. Proceeds collected are used to support the continued creative and community work of KDC in Brooklyn and in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


On October 26, 1998, Haitian roots group, Rasin Kanga de Wawa, was travelling to Europe, and connecting through New York City. The leader of the group, Wawa, travelled ahead of the group leaving his musicians behind and with no other choice but to stay in NYC until further notice. On February 20, 1999, Maestro Mayonbe and Sanba Feray decided that it was time to regroup and do what they do best, play and create music. They gathered the remaining band members, Raul, Ajhanou, Litan, five other musicians, and added two new singers, Wilkens and Joujou. They called this group Rasin Bouziyèt until another musician from Haiti, Evans, renamed the group Rasin Okan. From there, the New York City based roots group was formed, amongst friends to preserve culture and tradition in their new home away from home, work which they continued to do for 14 years.

Rasin Okan released its first Carnival song in 2000, titled “Konplo.” The song propelled the groups fan base and afforded it opportunities to play at several Brooklyn venues. The group, thereafter released:

2001: “Fok sa chanje” (single)

2002: “Grèskochon” (single)

2002: “Frem Sakrifis” (album)

2003: “Neg yon blok’on peyi” (single)

2004: “Konseyans” (single)

2005: “Alam pa gen zanmi anko” (single)

2006: “Papa Ogou” (album)

2007: “Gadè Pwoblem nou” (single)

2008: “Ravet Azel” (single)

2009: “Tijan Timalis” (single)

2010: “Liminen” (single)

2011: “Tribilasyson” (single)

2012: “Sam wè mpakapalé”

2014: “Nou angajé” (single)

2014: “Manmi Yayi” (demo album)

Rasin Okan now returns to New York, finding a home with Kriyol Dance! Collective. Together the groups will work as creative partners to build art and cultivate a space for activating the creative capacity of Haitian artists and the Haitian community in Brooklyn, NY.

Nuit des Racines/Roots Night!: Project
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